Monday, December 31, 2007

Hey everyone! Here's a story I entered for a funny story contest to win a family organizer at Laughing Always Helps. Check it out.

My mother-in-law is a twin and she and her sister go just about everywhere together, doctor appt's, shopping, running errands, etc. On this particular day, they went to the grocery store together and when they got there, they decided to split up to do their individual shopping and then meet back up at the car when they finished.

My m-i-l got done first, went through the checkout, paid and then followed the little teenage sacker boy out to the parking lot. When they got to the edge of the parking lot, she stopped and said, "Hmmmm. Now where did I park?" The sacker said, "What kind of car is it?" She replied, "It's a maroon Tahoe." "Is that it over there?"
She said it was and they walked to the car and unloaded the groceries.

The sacker walked the cart back into the store and looked for another customer who needed help. That customer happened to be my m-i-l's twin sister. He started sacking her groceries while she paid and when they were done, she followed him out to the parking lot. As soon as they got to the edge of the parking lot she said, and I'm not kidding here, "Now where did I park my car?" The sacker boy got a really strange look on his face and said really slowly, " Tahoe?" To which she replied, "Why, yes! How did you know?" He said, "Because I just unloaded your groceries in it."

She realized what had happened, explained to the boy that he was not crazy, she was just a twin and they all had a good laugh about it!

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Okay, vacation is over. As you well know, I took half the month of November and almost all of December off from blogging. It's just so exhausting and time consuming to pour out my thoughts while being obsessed with grammar and spelling and then waiting with bated breath for validation from someone other than my husband. Anyway, it was a nice break and I guess I'm ready to get back to it.

Christmas is finally over, hallelujah! I love Jesus, but have you ever been to a party that was just too long? I think He would agree. The whole season, and I mean the "American Christmas" season, not Jesus' birthday, started waaaay too early for me this year so I'm just about ready to pack it all up. I had three parties at my house this year which means my house was spotless three times this month. It was nice. My parents and my sister and her family just left this morning so once again, it's a wreck. Just what I'm used to. Our tree is holding on by a thread. Random ornaments fall from it throughout the day like acorns in the fall. Oh, and Elliott is doing a very manly job of keeping the west side of our house warm with huge roaring fires, morning and night. In fact, he's out chopping wood right now. I do love a roaring fire.

This Saturday I'm going to Six Flags with some of the girls from church and I can't wait to ride the front row of the Titan with the ice cold wind in my face and tears streaming back into my ears. Anyone else excited?

I'll end with a funny conversation between my very sentimental daughter, Autie, and my very matter of fact son, John:

Autie: [singing a random Christmas carol]
John: Ewww. Stop singing that song. Christmas is over. In fact, today, we are the farthest away from Christmas that we could possibly get.
Autie: Uh uh. Christmas is right in the corner.
Me: I think you mean, right around the corner, sweetie.
John: Well, it's over.

By the way, I thought I would confess that I stayed in my pajamas all day today....and I loved it!