Thursday, June 28, 2007

Groomers welcome here!

You know what I mean by groomers, right? You either are one or you aren't. I'm one, but my husband for sure is not one.

I came home last week with a moderately burned back after going to the state park to swim. It never did blister or peel, it just itched all week. That is until yesterday. I reached back there and felt these little bumps. You know, the ones that are filled with water and turn into peeling skin. I hate it when that happens. Mainly because I can't reach my back to mess with it. When Elliott gets a sunburn, I just pace the floors waiting for it to turn to peeling. I love it. He sits there with his shirt off and I peel away. It's the best! I also love, love, love a good splinter. Especially one that is in there pretty good and I know it will take a while to get it. There's nothing worse than a splinter that comes out the first time you pull it. Loose teeth, however, I can't stand. Go to daddy for those.

My family now knows that if there's anything that needs to be messed with, I'm the one to do it. I have a thing I do with John when he's tired. He lays his head in my lap and I run my fingers through his hair and pull at little sections. He calls it "picking the fleas out of his hair." I know what you're thinking, but it's not as bad as it sounds. Sometime when John was really little, I was playing with his hair and he said it felt like I was picking fleas out of his hair. Not because he had fleas, but because there were a lot of dogs around and he knew about fleas getting on them. It's one of those stories I can't tell just anyone. They just wouldn't understand.

Anyway, here I am with a back that's prime for peeling and I can't get to it. Now I'm not one to let other people mess with me. I think the grooming thing only goes one way. I like to groom, but don't like to be groomed. Elliott likes to be groomed, but he definitely doesn't get any pleasure out of grooming. I just couldn't stand knowing that there was a back that had some good peeling on it and I couldn't do anything about it because it was my own. I asked Elliott to take a look at. He gave me a grossed out look and said he was really busy. I said, "Come on, honey. I'm dying here. My back needs to be peeled and I can't stand that I can't do it. Please look at it." He flat out said no. All I could do was stand in front of the bathroom mirror in a contorted position trying to reach it. It didn't work. I gave up. No more sunburns for me. I'm going to lay the sunscreen on thick next time I go swimming!


Anonymous said...

groomers are weird. period.

the_a_team said...

I'm with Cherith! That's just weird to enjoy peeling skin off of someone!

Tangerinetinselbreeze said...

Skin peelers and groomers are two different traits. Erica, I think, would gross out on peeling someone, whereas she would love to fix any part of you that is aesthetically out of order. I, on the other hand groove on looking in ears and at blisters and wounds and and and etc. Nash also gets his hair pulled- Joel started it, Candy actually started him. I just inherited the role of chief hair puller, like Nash said, it makes you go to sleep. Hey did you think about a Loofah?

Monica said...

Doug loves getting "fleas picked out of his hair", sometimes Sarah gets all her hair stuff and puts a bunch of little ponytails and bows in his hair, (we have pics). He also gets "head rubs" and shoulder massages from the boys.

Alex use to love me to nibble his ear lobes. (it started when he was really little). Weird the things mom's will do to their little ones.

I however, do not like to be groomed, or massaged by the boys, not, too kean on peeling skin, but don't mind splinters, and I love to give manicures.

But, for you Pam, I would peel your back if you needed me too :)

Bloomin' Cactus said...

I also LOVE to peel skin!! Something my brother and sister would do. Just like you said, just wait until it started peeling and see who could pull the biggest piece off!! But, I'm not a groomer, I don't think.

ericaprosser said...

Sorry Trish- I am a PEELER. A selective peeler, mind you but a peeler none the less. Pam...please? If you let me peel you I promise to NOT offer to wash your hair too. Unless you want me to.
Trish- I'd peel you too.

A life I live... said...

It depends on who I'm would be hard for me to do on just anyone. As far as the sunscreen, just make sure you rub it in or you'll have two hand prints on both shoulders that you can't get to tan and match your other skin!!!!!!!!

Pamelotta said...

After I got home that day, I noticed a hand print on my shoulder!

High in Demand said...

First I would like to award you with most interesting topic award!

Second I must tell you that you are talking about three different kinds of people, although I do believe that some people can be more than one of these. They are : Pickers, Peelers and Teeth Pullers.

I am a Peeler, but never a Picker! I may develop into a Tooth Pooler because of all the teeth that will have to be pulled, but as of yet that's Randy's job. I'm a tooth wiggler, but not a puller.

Picking grosses me out! Yuck! I can't stand to pick or to be picked. That is except for my hair! I do love Randy to scratch my head. It's actually one of my favorite things. But, Randy's sister is a real picker! She likes to pop zits, scratch the gross, and dig out yuckies. My stomach hurts thinking about it! Randy would like to pick much more than I let him, but he is not a Peeler. I've got a good peeling back, but he won't really mess with it with passion as I would like.

The kids have had peeling backs this week and I've had much fun getting a hold of them.

So, all that to say, I understand what you're talking about! Man, now my back is itchy!

Tangerinetinselbreeze said...

ERICA- the things you learn about people in blogville. You gross out so many things, I would not gross out on. Just one more reason to pay attention to your idosyncracies. Maybe we could develop a game like Trivial pursuit the ERICA version. HAH! I guess Pam would be winning.

Brenda M Becker said...

as usual, it depends on the circumstance which direction I go. Picking is sometimes necessary, but very intimate when measured by yard stick. I love how you put things out there in such a cute way.

Kevin said...

Ashlee is a groomer. I cannot stand it. I get Ashlee to do peel when I sunburn (rare). It upsets Ashlee that I do not burn, so she cannot peel. She on the other hand has had 2 sunburns this year. Both very bad, and I would not peel, but she had the pleasure of peeling her arms!