Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I'm addicted!

I've never been that great at geography. I know a little about the areas surrounding the places I've been, and I remember things about places that are of interest to me, but other than that, there are some places on this globe we're on that I know nothing about. That is, until my brother-in-law, Eric, introduced me to TravelPod's geography quiz. It's so addicting. I think if they had had this when I was in high school, I would know my way around a little better. The map is kind of small, which in my case is a good thing because if you know the vicinity of a country, you can do pretty well. Speed counts so don't dawdle on this one. You'll figure out how to work it after you've played it a couple of times. When you feel good and stupid after taking the world geography quiz, click on the link under the map that says "USA Challenge." That's the one I can't get enough of. It's way fun. In a nerdy, geographical way. Oh, and good luck!

The Traveler IQ Challenge

Let me know if you'd be a good partner for The Amazing Race! Post your best score and which challenge it was.


High in Demand said...

"Tried" your little game. I sucked. I wasn't shocked at that. I'll let Joey try it later.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Wow! That game is awesome. I love it!

mccobbey said...

I'm officially a moron.

I guess I won't be your partner on the Amazing Race. Wah.

mccobbey said...

Was Eric listening to NPR and heard about this? I heard a short interview with the guy who started this site about a month ago.

Ashlee said...

No one else put their score. I thought it was fun. I got a score of 177888 and a traveler IQ of 92 on Level 6. Had a few big mistakes in that level.

Pamelotta said...

Sorry, I did forget to post my scores. I play every other day or so. Today I got 192916 and an IQ of 94 on level 6.

The more I play, the more I remember. I got two of the questions on level 6 way wrong. There was a comment at the top of the score box that said, "You do know this is earth, right?"