Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Milk tales

When I go grocery shopping at HEB, I usually buy 4 gallons of organic milk [more if it's close to the exp date and on sale] and put all but one of them in the freezer for later. Lately, though, I have been getting a gallon of raw milk once a week from Slow Poke Farms and lately it's been two gallons. For the past week, we've had 2 and a half gallons we'd been working on and yesterday, we finally finished off the last bit.

I knew we'd need some milk for breakfast this morning, so last night I set out a gallon to thaw that I had froze and this morning it was ready for the kid's cereal.

John took a bite of his cereal and said, "Ewwww, mom. This milk tastes like water."

"No" I said, "I just forgot to shake it up. After it's been frozen, it sometimes separates."

I fixed a bowl for myself and started to eat it and said, "John, you're right. This milk does taste like water. I wonder what's wrong with it?"

I realized while I was cleaning up the kitchen what it was and the mystery was solved.

2%. The milk we had drank this morning was 2%. I used to love it. My kids used to love it. But we have been drinking strictly raw milk for about 2 weeks now and I guess we're a little spoiled. It really did taste like water to me. I almost couldn't finish my cereal.

This is going to be an expensive habit.

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Brenda M Becker said...

God will Provide! HeHe!