Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year! I trust everyone is off to a good start. I thought I'd start off the year not by telling you how long it's been since my last post (ha! you know who you are), but by giving you a tip on list making and probably a little peek into how my mind works. ;)

I love making lists, but lately they haven't been quite as motivating as I've needed them to be for me to actually get things done. One day a couple of months ago, I decided to try something different. Instead of coming up with an unrealistically long list, which I'm prone to do, I started with a blank piece of paper. As soon as I did something productive, I wrote it down. For some reason, it was motivating to me to think of me filling up that piece of paper with all the things I accomplished that day. I don't exactly remember the catalyst for this switch, but it may have had something to do with me wanting to prove to my husband that I actually do get things done while he's at work all day. But, like I said, I don't really remember.

I guess I just needed something more than a check mark. It's working pretty well, but as soon as the newness wears off, I'll probably have to come up with something different.

Speaking of getting things done...I am going to be working on a new blog, that will be shared by some of my craftiest friends, about DIY projects. For some reason, I am obsessed with them right now. It'll have regular DIY projects and other crafty ideas we come up with. We'll also be sharing links to a lot of the sites that inspire us. I know that I have enough project ideas all by myself to keep it going for a while! Maybe I'll just let that blog be my blank piece of paper and I'll try to fill it up! Stay tuned!

Update: Wanted to let you know that I still make various lists of things that I need to remember to do or get. Those lists will never go away. I just need a little motivation for the things that need to get done sometime.


Sharon Hermens said...

Love your idea of writing down what you have already done rather than what you need to do. I think that would work for me. I need motivation to get my creative juices going. First thing on my (list) mind is getting my art room cleaned up and running. Time will tell. You know I hate going into that cold, dark room!! Any ideas?

Pamelotta said...

Move to Clyde.

I'm sure that garage apartment is nice and sunny and with a little space heater in the winter, it'll be perfect!