Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Journey to the Center of the Couch

I am planning a living room redo in a couple of weeks and most of the furniture has got to go. It's dark leather and while it's held up nicely to all my kid's abuse, it's just not my style and I need to make room for stuff that is. So last night I started getting the couches ready to photograph and put up on Craig's List.

I sat down on the first couch and stuck my hand down between the cushions. I'm beginning to think I may have unintentionally used the recesses of my couches as extra storage! I started fishing things out and separating the trash from treasure. The next time I reached in, I noticed that the fabric underneath was torn and sure enough there was another cavern below the tear. That's where I started to retrieve the really big items. Things like forks and large ziploc bags full of change. My treasure pile started to look kind of comical so I decided to take pictures and give you a run down of what I found. Remember, this blog is about important, life-altering subjects.

Sorry about these pictures. I had just crawled out from inside my couch and I was a little too tired to worry about setting up a proper photo shoot. And I was, after all, supposed to be cleaning. I just got a little sidetracked.

This is what I separated from all the trash.

The next 5 pictures contain the details of my findings.

Guess I'd better get back to my regular cleaning duties. At least I know the couches are done!


Glenda said...

i love your blog - i love you - i just do for real for real - you are truly like soft sunlight falling through my heart's picture window - warm, welcome, gentle illuminating - i don't mean to bring the heavy - but dang - you're so special

High in Demand said...

HEY!!! That was MY blue chip!!! I'm sure of it! : )

Seriously, Seriously I need to know how much you're selling your couches for! PLEASE CALL ME!!!

And like you, I love a good list!

Rebekah Santos said...

I love this! I love how real you are and enjoy getting to talk to you!