Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I've jumped on the bandwagon. Here's the questionarre with my answers...

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Six Flags (gate attendant)
2. Camp counselor
3. lots and lots of temp jobs
4. Xerox customer billing assistant

Movies I watch over and over:
5. Sense and Sensibility
6. It's a Wonderful Life
7. Sound of Music
8. Tommy Boy

Four places you have lived:
9. Arlington, TX
10. Denton, TX
11. Baird, TX
12. Clyde, TX

Four places you have been on vacation:
13. Niagra Falls
14. Mexico
15. Carlsbad Caverns (Whoohoo RT02!)
16. Disney World/Land

Four of my favorite foods are:
17. Chicken enchiladas w/cream sauce
18. Anything with sun-dried tomatoes or pesto
19. Sesame chicken
20. Crusty bread w/olive oil and roasted garlic

Four places I would rather be right now:
21. The Llano River
22. Mexico
23. Bursa, Turkey
24. A Mediterranean cruise on a small boat with my own butler and my closest friends

Okay, I've added one more category of my own to make things even more interesting.

Four musical performers or groups you could listen to over and over:
25. Norah Jones
26. David Crowder
27. Innocence Mission
28. Elliott Park


mccobbey said...

I love "It's a Wonderful Life." I just had to buy this December since they stopped showing it on TV every other hour.

Chicken enchiladas with cream sauce.....great...I'm going to have to run and satisfy this craving! (Stop talking about food on your blog! :)

Norah Jones is awesome!

Jennifer said...

Ooooh! That's good Pam (about adding the musical performers). Wish I had thought of that to put on mine.