Monday, March 19, 2007

The Amazing Climbing Parks

In keeping with the Park tradition of climbing, just this morning, our newest little acrobat, April, decided to audition for our circus by showing us what she could do. I think she will fit in quite nicely. We just need to get her a sparkly little outfit!


High in Demand said...

Being in the Park Family Circus: Good April!

Being a Carney at the Park Family Circus: Bad April!

Hey Pam, Your Addicting Things Helicopter Game...Not addicting. I'm not any good at it.

Pamelotta said...

It may be because I just ate lunch and I'm getting sleepy, but I don't know what a Carney is.
I'm no good at that game either. I loved it when I had the high score in the house and then John and Elliott went way past it and now I don't care.

Beth said...

Pam, she is so cute! I have 2 monkeys I can add to your circus! Love ya!

Francesca said...

A carney is a creepy carnival worker. Ug!

High in Demand said...

Precisely Francesca!