Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Blog Break

It is apparent that I am not the only one who hasn't blogged in a couple of weeks. For those of you who have, you get a gold star! I have figured out that for moms, spring break and summer vacation are not breaks or vacation at all. It's when the kids are in school that I can get the most done. Anyway, I thought of a fun way for everyone who hasn't blogged in a while to post something new without having to think too hard. You may, however, have to do some running around your house to answer these!

Name 3 cereals in your pantry. Wheat chex, Grape Nuts (off brand), Life

Name 3 beverages in your fridge. Milk, cranberry cherry juice, tea

What is the oldest thing in your freezer? John's first catfish. We intended to eat it, but I think it's been too long now.

Name the last drive-thru you visited. Whataburger for breakfast.

How do you like a made-to-order hamburger? Everything on it. Plus mustard and mayo.

What kind of shampoo do you currently have in your shower? White Rain Fruit Fortifying (it was on sale)

What kind of dish detergent are you currently using? I'm out, but I just finished a bottle of Cascade

What kind of laundry detergent are you currently using? Gain, always Gain

What toilet paper is your family using right now? (I don't need to know the square footage!) - Cottonelle

What CD is in your player right now (be it car, home stereo, computer)? BFW worship mix

Name the last thing you recorded on tv. Don't have a recorder or tivo but the last thing I watched was American Idol


Tangerinetinselbreeze said...

Organic Central Market Honey Nut Ohs
Organic Central Market Frosted Flakes- Only two

Joel's pick- no high fructose corn syrup

Milk, Grape juice 100%, Pomegrante Grape Diet Juice-tried it -don't like it

meatless grillers- like um haven't wanted them lately

Whataburger- jr with cheese extra pickles all the way mustard and mayo- miracle if home

suave brilliant brunette, selsun blue

cascade pellet things

Tide w/ bleach

Charmin plus

Margaret Fitzgerald- Nurse Practioner Review Stuff- oh joy- I need new music! Help.

Don't Record- in the dark ages with Pam- I just finished my last episode of Season four Waltons- I am preordering Sesaon five as I have no TV life and May the 5th I think is the release- I love John- Boy. However next time I rewatch the series I will count how many girls the "boy" has made out with. As much bible reading as they did - I never heard a lecture from his daddy on that!

Pamelotta said...

I prefer Little House. We all have our favorite period in time we like to slip into now and then. Good answers!

Anonymous said...

I'm the only one who eats cereal: Honey Bunches of Oats

Milk, tea, white sparkling grape juice

One-year-old wedding cake

DQ, that's what I like about Texas

Meat, cheese, lettuce, pickles, dry

Suave clarifying shampoo

The Great Value kind

All Small and Mighty! (It's makes me think of myself)

Once again, Great Value 24 pack

Life Group CD

No recorder, but last night I watched "Chocolat"

the_a_team said...

Rice Crispy treat, Oreo, and Honey Nut Cheerios

2% Milk (we drinks lots and lots of water)

hot links/hot dogs looking things


Cheese all veggies except pickles w/ no mustard or mayo

Head & Shoulders

Tide w/ April Fresh Downy


My very own mix I made last night before going to Life Group

I don't record! I buy the season! Or watch it the next day online

the_a_team said...

Oh, I forgot what kind of dish detergent

Dawn with bleach

mccobbey said...

Great Value fake-o Rice Crispies, fake-o corn Chex, fake-o Frosted Mini Wheats

Milk, Apple juice boxes

I think it was some Pakistani Puff balls called Pakoray. Actually I finally threw it out yesterday. I think I had it for about 6 months.

Drive thru: Hmmmm....this doesn't happen too often. So I can't even remember. Maybe Wendy's....

Burgers: I like mine gourmet-ish.....I love a hamburger with mayo, blue cheese, Vidalia onion rings or topped with sauteed mushrooms, melted swiss cheese, green leaf lettuce & thinly sliced tomatoes. Of course, mayo is a must and no mustard please.

White Rain Apple stuff

Detergent- hmmm....I think Cascade. That's the green box, right? I have no brand loyalty for
this particular product.

All Small & Mighty

TP- I don't know.....another product where we have no brand loyalty. Although I do regularly think on the days where the tp literally disintegrates in my hand, "Hmmm...maybe I should remember the "good" brands..."

Car Stereo - Shania Twain "The Woman in Me"
House 3 cd changer- "Life is Beauiful" soundtrack, Norah Jones "Come Away with Me",
My First Piano Adventure practice cd

I never record tv. I don't watch anything that's currently on. Like "the_a_team" I usually watch the season on dvd. Do you know what I'm watching now?

High in Demand said...

Golden Puffs, Cinnamon Toasters, Dino Bites (all generic obviously)

Diet Cherry Pepsi, 3 Gallons of milk, Vanilla Soy Milk

Nothing old.

Taco Bell

Everything with Mayo...only if it's real Mayo. I hate a sweet burger.

Raident Brunette by Suave, Garnier Fructis, Pantene Pro-V (equate)...My habit is to use 3/4 of each bottle and then move on to the next bottle. I get tired of the same smell. the kids have at least 3 shampoos in their bathroom.

Electrasol powerBall Tabs LOVE IT

Who I buy the cheap stuff just to have some around. Since I don't do laundry I don't care much, but I KNOW that Candy uses TIDE on my clothes.

Angel Soft...and I do know the square footage! I'm so disapointed that didn't take off.

In my car is a mix that Joey made me. He titles it "On the road songs". It has a lot of Toby Mac on it.

Don't record. Don't have tivo. Last thing I watched was American Idol.

Pamelotta said...

Wow! I'm like a fly on the wall of all your houses! This is so fascinating...maybe I need to get out more. I had no idea that Brandi was an all mayo girl, as I am. I never figured Monica for Shania Twain and I didn't know there were so many dry burger people out there!

Bloomin' Cactus said...

Looks like we've taken a break from blogging, but not checking in on them!! ;)

Cereal: Honey Bunches of Oats, Cocoa Krispies (off brand), & Cheerios (off brand)

Beverages: Sweet tea, Unsweet tea, & milk

Oldest thing: some kind of veggie mix

Last Drive-Thru: Sonic

Hamburger: Ranch, lettuce, bacon, & cheese. . . otherwise, mayo -- no tomato or onions

Shampoo: Herbal Essence moisturizing shampoo (smells AMAZING!)

Dish Detergent: Cascade w/ Jet Dry

Laundry: Gain Joyful Expressions (Apple Mango Tango scent)

Toilet Paper: Quilted Northern -- all I use

CD: left over from life group last night

Recorded: Last Thurs. night -- Survivor, CSI, & Shark

Funny thing is that I didn't have to get up for any answers!!

High in Demand said...

Thanks for a good question pam. I missed everyone.

mccobbey said...

I do have to admit that I got that Shania Twain after seeing her on Oprah and I fell in love with her energy and "HEY!" which she uses often in her music.

I really don't have much country music but I'm learning to like it. I usually like more of the old timey stuff and blue grass style which I realize Shania is neither but that's the story and I'm gonna stick with it.