Thursday, May 03, 2007

My Bible - decluttered

The contents of my purse are very boring, so I decided to clean out my Bible and let you know what's in it. Much shorter list, I might add.

2 Huggies coupons from Dana Bell that expired 12/24/06.
A bulletin insert on the Couple's Conference - didn't go.
A flyer for Sky Angel satellite tv. I want it so bad, but Elliott just won't give in.
13 bulletins - yes, I read them every week, beginning to end.
A welcome card from 12/3/06, filled out, not turned in - sorry, Erica, I was there.
A nursery schedule - I'm scheduled to work on Mother's Day, how ironic.
A note sheet on the "Eleven major functions and purposes for David's Tabernacle" from the worship conference.
A list of all the team members for the BFW and their phone numbers.
One of those Refrigerator Door bible lessons from children's church - sorry, Rachel.
12 blank sheets of paper for the kids to draw on when they're in the service the last Sunday of the month.
My notes on the Reconciliation Walk that I talked about in church several weeks ago.

That's it. My bible is now cleaned out and ready to start collecting stuff again!

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Anonymous said...

woo-hoo! way to go! clean bible! i, personally, can't stand little pieces of paper and stuff in my bible/books.