Friday, March 07, 2008

It snowed the day before yesterday, yesterday was warm and pleasant and then again today, a blizzard. Well, a Texas blizzard. The flakes were big and beautiful and falling in every direction. It was a good day to snuggle with the kids and that's just what I did. And thanks to the weather, my internet was down all day. I'm typing this in a text edit document so I can paste it when it finally comes up.

***UPDATE*** They finally got a guy to climb the tower near our house sometime today after we thawed out and all is right with the world!

You know you are a bit addicted to the internet when you wonder several times throughout the day what you are missing in the blogging world. I'm sure you're all there and fine.

Now, for an update on yesterday's question. Today was the day that E and I had a consultation appointment with the "V" doctor. His receptionist called yesterday to confirm we were going to be there and I said we would. Well today's appointment came and went and I never left the house. I made E call the doctor's office and cancel because I've already done that once before and I didn't want to be the one to do it again. I'm sure they get that all the time.

Last night we talked and I told E that this was his decision. It was his body and he could do what he felt like he was supposed to do with it. I wouldn't expect him to come to me and suggest I did something painful and invasive to my body with little regard for how I felt. So the decision was made. No vasectomy. I don't know if that's his final answer for the future, but for now that's it.

I think that when you have a decision to make and you feel even a twinge of reservation about it, you should, at the very least, wait until you have a clearer answer. I know lots of people who have had this procedure done and were fine with it and it turned out fine. I just think if you feel like you are supposed to do it, you don't feel any hesitation, you do it, and it turns out fine, then there was grace for that. If you aren't sure about something and you go ahead and do it because it's easier and you don't want to mess with anything else, that's a dangerous place to be. And of course you know I'm talking about God's will here. I want to make sure I include Him in all the decisions I make. He knows what's best.

So, for now, I will be ordering that book that some of you mentioned and maybe even the software for keeping track of cycles. Heck, I may even buy that purse-sized microscope that you spit in to see if you're ovulating. Who knows? I'll need to become a tad bit more disciplined in that area and hopefully my child-bearing days really will be over. Thanks for all the input.

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Ashlee said...

Pam, I forgot to mention the ovusoft software. It really is awesome! I remember when we were trying to get pregnant that and I brought in my printed charts and stuff from ovusoft and he was SUPER impressed. It really makes it easy. Honestly if you just make it a habit it will take you less then 2 mins every day and after a month or two it will get even easier.