Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A bonding project for a father and his son.

This past Saturday was just your typical Saturday. Except for one small thing. What's that I see, off in the distance?

What are those Park boys doing?

What is that contraption?

Hey, dogs, what are they doing over there?

Dogs: Pant, pant, hot, hot, pant, hot, pant.

What's up, John?
John: Well, I was supposed to be building a trebuchet with dad.

Elliott: See, if we can get the fulcrum blah, blah, blah, pivot, blah, blah, rotation.

Elliott: All we have to do is make sure the blah, blah, blah, torque, blah, blah, floating arm blah.

Elliott: See, Eric, the blah, blah, leverage, blah of the blah, blah fulcrum blah, swing blah.

John: This was my idea, you know.

Elliott: We need to make sure the blah, blah center of gravity blah, is blah, blah, blah that way.

Elliott: What do you think about here for the blah, blah swingy thing.

John: I have an idea. We could use this for the blah, blah, blah thingy thing and then it will blah, blah projectile blah, blah really far.

Nunie: You see, Aiden, when I was a little girl we used to make mud pies the size of frisbees. It was really fun!

Elliott: If we can just get the blah, blah, fulcrum, torque, swing, projectile, we'll have the perfect blah, blah.

Eric: Now, wait a minute, Elliott, what about the degree of blah, blah, blah you mentioned earlier?

John: I'm gonna go jump on the trampoline.


Anonymous said...

Pam, That is so funny!! Made me laugh out loud which is better than coughing my head off with these summer allergies. Poor John, I hope he get the credit for the blah, blah thing!!

trish said...

DId they finish it?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, call me blonde, but what is it?

Pamelotta said...

Trish - They almost have it finished. Elliott said that some angles were off so it needed some tweaking and John said it didn't throw very far, but it's almost ready for battle.

Cherith - it's a medieval war machine. Follow the link at the beginning of the post or look in your copy of The Dangerous Book for Boys on page 210.

The Honorable Mrs. Cobbey said...



Natalie said...

oh that made me laugh! that is so the kind of "bonding" my dad used to try with my sister and I!

still laughing...

Ashlee said...

Too funny!!!!

Ashlee said...

Too funny!!!!