Sunday, November 23, 2008

This is classic.

You know when you get together with friends and inevitably the conversation turns to YouTube because the conversation almost always turns to YouTube and you end up in some YouTube show and tell contest? Normally, after I've shown my favorite video, I lose interest in anything anyone else has to share.

Friday night I was supposed to be at the Clyde/Jim Ned football game in San Angelo until I found out that there would not be a press box in which to sit and partake of free food and talk to other school board member's wives. I changed my mind. Go ahead and call me spoiled. Free food and warm conversation makes football easier to swallow. Leave the stands for the diehard fans who actually know what they're looking at.

So, I decided instead to join Erica and Fran in putting together wedding invitations and stuffing envelopes. Before we really got down to business, we had one of those YouTube show and tells and let me tell you, it yielded, for me, the mother lode of all-time favorite YouTube videos. This one has been around for a year already and for the life of me I can't figure out why no one has told me about it. Especially with my love for Jack Black and all.

I offer here to you, my friends, a link to it because it won't let me embed it here. I have watched it easily 6 times this weekend and I'm not near tired of it yet. If you're not into Jack Black, you have my deepest condolences. [I've forgiven him for being such a potty mouth.]

And thanks to Francesca who brought this one to show and tell. She won the prize that night.


Jennifer said...

Um, Pam? I hate to tell you this but I saw this when I was pregnant with Xander. I used to have that whole CD. Some of the songs are kind of...rough.

Pamelotta said...

Well thank you very much for being one of those people I mentioned in the third paragraph. You know I love Jack Black! Why, why didn't you share?

That's just selfish.

Anonymous said...

That was ok...but I still think Business Time is funnier...more funny...whatever.

High in Demand said...

I totally agree Cherith.

Totally agree and I LOVE Jack Black. That wasn't my favorite.