Friday, July 13, 2007

How did this happen?

The Daniel Fast is over and yet it seems I'm being followed by vegetables. I checked out the farmer's market across from Frontier Texas last Tuesday and found some great stuff. Then, my mother-in-law loaded me up with tomatoes, bell peppers and every shape of sqaush from their garden. I wasn't planning on that. Here's the rundown:

green beans
squash - yellow, zuchinni, weird white ones, white and green freckled ones
red tomatoes
yellow tomatoes
green bell peppers
yellowish green mild peppers

not shown:


So far, I've roasted some of the squash, onions and peppers and I made a homemade tomato sauce like Joel showed us with the red and yellow tomatoes.

With the rest, I think I'm going to film an episode of veggie tales for children's church!


Amanda said...

Yay Veggie Tales! The pictures looks really good! I went to the farmers market in Abilene the other and got some brown and green eggs. They're so cool!

Nana Sharon said...

Puts our little garden to shame. Enjoy your bounty.