Friday, July 13, 2007

This little post is dedicated to my friends Alan and Cortney who will be heading off to a honeymoon in  Mexico very soon!

On my computer, I have a screen saver slideshow of pictures of exotic places. Beautiful islands, tropical fish, hammocks under palm trees, places I would love to visit. Sometimes when it's going, the girls will just sit in my chair and look at the pictures. Well, today, John noticed the pictures.

John: Oh mom, can we go to that place for our vacation instead of the beach house?
Me: I don't think so. We're still going to Alabama. You can go to that place someday when you go on your honeymoon!
John: I don't want to go there on my honeymoon.
Me: Why not?
John: Because the girl will be there and I won't get to go swimming!

Congratulations Alan and Cortney. Have fun swimming in Mexico!


Nana Sharon said...

That's my grandson!!!! Cracks me up!!

mccobbey said...

I asked Daniel today, "Do you want to get married when you grow up?" And he responded with a slight grimace, "Yes. But I don't wanna do any kissing..."

Anonymous said...

Kids are soooo CUTE! Yeah...can't wait for Justice to get here and start saying funny things. 24-hour entertainment!

Jennifer said...

My daughter Eliana wants to marry her Daddy or her Uncle Jim. It's so sweet that she doesn't know how weird that really is!