Monday, August 25, 2008

Parting is such sweet, sweet, sweet sorrow. Did I mention sweet?

Well kids, today marks another milestone in our family. I am sending your sister, Autumn, with you to school to spend her days learning how to read, write and snicker at boys. The house is going to be unusually quiet. In fact, I'll need to keep an eye on April. No telling what she'll be able to get into now.

You did so good this morning getting ready on time and looking cute with your smiles and sleepy eyes.

Your littlest sister thinks she's getting in the van with you. She's been demanding that someone give her her shoes so she can go to school!

John, can you not stop for one second so I can take a picture of you walking in to your first day in the 4th grade or are you too cool for that?

Hey girls! Wait up! I'm supposed to be walking you into class. Not the other way around.

Welcome to Pre-k, Autumn. I hope you don't bite your teacher's head off when she tries to wake you up from a nap like you do me. Oh, and stay away from the boys. They're trouble.

Have fun in First grade, Anna. This is the real thing now, no naps for you. And be good because this is going on your permanent record! And all that stuff about boys applies to you, too.

I'll be here at the house if you need me, eating bon bons and watching The Bold and the Beautiful. Just kidding! [About the soap opera, of course!]


Anonymous said...

How weird is it that I don't even know you or your kids...but got a little choked up at the pictures of them going off to school. My "baby" starts grade 5 (ACK!) this year and she is going to be walking to school alone (with a friend-no adult) for the first time. How will I ever survive!!!???

Kevin said...

I cannot believe your kids are soooo old!

I still remember John's first day of Children Church!

Oh, boy how time passes so quickly.

Anonymous said...

Pam, I was thinking about the kids this evening wondering how it went today. I was preparing dinner for Beth and the rest and didn't get to call. Lindsey missed her first day because she was sick. Can't wait to see the kids. I miss them.

Anonymous said...

what's wrong with boys? i'm confused...i got my first kiss in pre-k. i had my first crush in kindergarden. boys are totally cool...except when elizabeth is going to school.