Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Random Wednesday brain droppings

I've got some random brain dumping to do this morning. Feel free to stay and read it, if you want.

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I'm probably the only one who's noticed, but I haven't been reporting on my One Bite at a Time projects on Mondays. Probably because I haven't been keeping up with my One Bite at a Time projects. Instead, I've been doing William Morris Thursday and that is enough of a schedule for me. Sometimes, the projects coincide so I haven't totally dropped it.

That's my husband, in college. Foxy, right? He was a total babe! I, on the other hand, was a complete dork when he met me. And he married me anyway! I think I've gotten better over the years, though. So has he! In May, he'll be inducted into the sports hall of honor for his alma mater so we've been going through old pictures and newspaper articles. The kids are fascinated by this life their parents had before they existed. It's a funny thing to watch.

How 'bout these beautiful summer evenings we've been having? I love them. My kids go outside and I open the windows and can hear them laughing and playing while the evening sun streams in through the kitchen as I make supper. It's heaven. Well, I don't really want to be taking care of children and cooking supper in heaven, so that statement was a little dramatic. It's nice, for sure.

Speaking of my kids, my oldest daughter in particular, here's a birthday list that Anna gave me yesterday. She's very particular about what she wants this year. The one thing I'd like to point out is her last request. Ouch, that hurts. Upon further questioning, I found out that she doesn't mind being the recipient of a great Goodwill score, it's just that when it comes to her birthday she would rather get something 'new'! Fair enough.

Here's a bit of good news I got yesterday. Well, it's good news to me. And I'm kind of easily excited these days. These are the couches I bought off of Craig's List before Christmas. I'm planning on slipcovering both of them. I got rid of leather couches to make room for these plaid babies. I am really excited about this project. But, I still have a big, comfy chair that matches the leather couches (I used to own) that I haven't known what to do with.

It's kind of sentimental since my husband gave it to me for Valentine's Day several years back. The back cushion is really poofy and actually attached to the frame so I thought slipcovering it would be impossible. Then, I saw this blog post. It's by the same girl that wrote the e-book I bought on the subject, The Lazy Girl's Guide to Custom Slipcovers. She had me at 'lazy'. Now, I see that I might not have to part with my oh-so-comfy Valentine's chair, after all! I just need to do a little surgery and make her a new dress. Mr. Park isn't so sure about all of this unconventional altering of stuff. Either way, the room is coming together nicely, if only in my head. ;)

Tomorrow I'll be sharing the organizational progress in my house. We're on the laundry room, part 1. I've got a whole house to do so it seems like it's going slow, but I've also got all year to do it and I've got some pretty good momentum going so I'm hopeful. See ya tomorrow!

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High in Demand said...

I LOVE THAT LIST! What a great list! I see that she must have got a ton of bracelet making stuff kits for Christmas like my girls did. : )

I make lists like that all the time...on Pinterest!

And...thanks for getting rid of your couches. : )