Thursday, March 29, 2012

Last week, while reading Jules' WM post, I was reminded how much I need to clean out my pantry. As if standing at the threshold and leaning over as far as I can to reach things on shelves because I literally could not see the floor wasn't enough. What a mess.

That was actually the second-to-the-last straw. The last straw was going to the grocery store, loading the back of my suburban with 2 weeks (maybe) worth of groceries and realizing when I brought it all in the house that I had no place to put it.

So on the counter they went and on to work I went. I started by pulling everything out. I couldn't do this all at once because I really had no place to put it all so I did it one shelf at a time.Pull everything off. Clean with a rag. Sort the keep from the toss. Decide on a permanent spot for the stuff I keep. Repeat.

I tried to come up with a system of sorting and organizing so it would be easy for anyone to find something in my pantry. This wasn't too hard, except for a few things that always fall into the random category. I'm not quite finished yet, as I would like to be able to store the kids drawing and coloring supplies in there. Actually, the jury's still out on that one. When I organize the school room, they might better fit in there. Sheesh. Why does every project I do lead to another, larger job?

Some things I found while cleaning out my pantry:

Empty liquor bottles. Well, almost empty. There was one bottle of tequila that had enough for one shot in the bottom. One of my pet peeves is when the person who uses the last of something puts the now empty container back where they got it. It's empty. It's useless to the next person. Throw it away.

I'm a little embarrassed about this one. I think I bought this whole bag of corn flour for one recipe that called for a tablespoon. Then I stuck it up on a high shelf and forgot about it. Apparently, I have been feeding and housing a city of weevils or something for who knows how long. Cleaning that up gave me the heebies.

This is the light fixture in my pantry. It fell from the ceiling and has been dangling by its wires since the first year we lived in our house. That was 7 years ago. It's on Mr. Park's list.

 This is mid-way through the project.

Yes, the empty liquor bottles are still there. I need to put them in my glass recycling basket but there isn't room. Maybe that's why they were up there to begin with.

Look! It's the floor! I can walk in there and spin around if I want. There are now some empty shelves, but I think once I get the other areas of my kitchen organized, I might need them. If not, I'm okay with empty shelves. I think my need to fill empty spaces with stuff if starting to wane.

I'm linking up with Jules' William Morris Project.


That's Ms. Amy to You... said...

Huuuuuuuuuge difference! And I am so envious of all your spacious space!You should check out The House of Smiths post on her pantry makeover. She uses lots of bins, baskets, and wooden boxes to corral her foodstuffs.... and it all looks so pretty.

Carrie said...

Wow!! What a difference!! Well done and keep up the good work! I know I need to organize my pantry a bit more as it tends to end up as the catch all - don't know what to do with it? Put it in the pantry. But that shouldn't be the case. Loved seeing your before and after!

Alana in Canada said...

That's amazing! Well done. I'm glad to hear you're OK with empty space. I know folks who aren't. It makes them nervous--cause the second there is any, they find something to fill it up. Drives me nuts.

The school room project will be fine--and just as rewarding, I bet.

Melissa@Home Baked said...

Beautiful! And it reminds me that my pantry could use a little love. My husband reorganized it the last time and it has stayed in pretty good shape, but the floor has gathered a bunch of extra items that don't belong, and the art supply cart could use a once over, too. Guess I'll put it on my list!

Anonymous said...

Ahh! So much fun! Pantry cleaning gets me really excited cuz of all the interesting food discoveries (weevils aside) one makes. Wish I had a pantry. Glad you finally made it grocery shopping.

May said...

This is the kind of project where I just kick myself and wonder why I ever allowed things to snowball. But oh, when it is done! Bring in the band and set off the fireworks! Yeah!

Sharon Hermens said...

I looks great, my child!

Tiffany @ No Ordinary Homestead said...

Somehow I missed this when you first posted it. But it really looks great! I so need to go through my pantry and get a list of what I have in there, then really start using things up! Thanks for the inspiration :)

And I definitely know what you mean about one project always leading to another lol