Thursday, March 01, 2012

William Morris Thursday - the laundry room, part 2


Last Thursday, when my friend Brenda came for our regular Thursday project, I didn't have a whole lot for us to do. The week before she had given me the assignment of finding places for all this stuff to go, but that really only took 30 minutes to accomplish. And I did it 30 minutes before she arrived! ::procrastinator::

I took the small, empty, plastic bins we had purchased the week before but hadn't used yet to sort the stuff. In the end, there were 2 boxes of photo/scrapbook memorabilia, a box of stuff for me, my husband, my kids, office stuff, media stuff and stuff to file. They are still in their bins, stacked neatly in the laundry room, awaiting my 'system' to be developed.

All of these containers were filled with stuff only a half hour earlier. Man, that feels good. A good deal of it was pictures. Over half of it I either threw or gave away.

This is the cabinet that I'm stuffing all my art/project stuff for now. I'll deal with that later.

And I had great plans for this little file cabinet. I was going to load it up with all things paper and decorate it in a pinterest-worthy manner. But when it was all said and done, I ended up with not that much paper after all. I may have to get rid of it. ::shudder:: If Jules can sell a nice piece of furniture because it's not useful anymore, I can (gulp) get rid of a crappy filing cabinet.

While Brenda made labels for file folders for what little paper stuff I had left, I went online to make sure all of my bill-paying sites were set to paperless and change them all to automatically draft once a month. For some reason, I've been scared to do that. Probably because I'm not in a habit of looking at my account activity regularly. I've been afraid I'll miss something. Truth is, I probably would miss something which is why I switched everything over. Now I'm forced to look at it regularly.

Before we started, the light above Brenda was out and it was a little dark where she was working. I changed the bulb and realized it was a higher wattage than the other one so I had to change out the other one, too. Then, of course, I was forced to clean them because they were covered with dust that I have chosen not to notice because they are a pain to take down and clean. THEN, I noticed how much I hate these lights. One of my husband's friends came over a couple of weeks before his wedding and mentioned that they look like boobs. Of course he would notice, two weeks out from his own wedding. Ever since then, that's all I see. Thankfully, Jen at Tatertots and Jello has the answer for my boob lights.

Today, I have my son's first track meet to go to and we have to leave a little early so I'll be flyin solo on the organizing. I'm hoping for a beautiful weekend, though and maybe a jump start on spring cleaning. Ahhh, I love open window season!

I'm linking up with Jules at Pancakes and French Fries for her weekly William Morris project.

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Tiffany @ No Ordinary Homestead said...

Boob lights. Classic. That's all I'm going to be seeing all over the place now. I just know it. ;)

Bravo on not having enough paper stuff to fill that filing cabinet. Paper clutter is still a bit culprit around here...and I SO need to clean out my filing cabinet (about twice the size of yours) plus the 2-3 boxes of stuff I moved out of the cabinet at some point to give me more space. I KNOW there is a bunch of stuff in there I definitely don't need anymore.

Better go make sure that's on my list... ;)

Lovely blog. I'm going to go poke around in here a bit more :)

pamelotta said...

@Tiffany - It's funny you said that because I've been poking around your blog! I love your place and the remodeling you've done. I actually went to your facebook page and looked at pics. Those pictures of your farm in the 40's are priceless! It's fascinating to see how people in other countries live.

Thanks for stopping by!

Melissa@Home Baked said...

Great progress! Now I'm going to go change some lightbulbs instead of looking at the packages sitting on my desk (maybe I could put my laptop on the DESK then, right?). Thanks for the inspiration!

That's Ms. Amy to You... said...

Progress! And your lights aren't terrible, but if they bother you, you should totally change them out.... and sell them! It always amazes me how little changes (like swapping curtains for blinds) can make you feel so much happier in a room.

pamelotta said...

Why is it so hard to change lightbulbs? I always wait until I'm absolutely in the dark before I'll do it!

Thanks for stopping by!

pamelotta said...

You're right, they're not exactly terrible. It's just that ever since it's been suggested to me, I can't see them any other way. Just hanging there over my bar. ;)

Anonymous said...

Pam, I love the pendant light idea! Lights are the easiest thing to overlook, and one of the biggest contributors to how a room looks and feels. {maybe second to paint} I am excited to see how they turn out. Automatic draft totally freaks me out too...

May said...

Go for those new lights! I think they will bring new life into the room.

High in Demand said...

Where can I get a Brenda?