Sunday, September 09, 2007

Be healed in the name 0f Jesus!

Yesterday, my kids were n the cmputer playing games when they all started t fight ver whs turn it was. I stmped ver there, tld them all t g sit n the cuch until I was ready t dispense justice. when I went t turn the cmputer ff, I nticed water all ver the keybard. WATER!!! I immediately went int freak ut panic mde. This is Ellitt's very expensive laptp that we're talking abut. The ne he takes t Nashville s he can d his real jb while he's there. I panicked. I grabbed the thing, unplugged every wire that was cnnected t it and turned it upside dwn. Water came dripping ut f it!!! That's hw bad it was. I set it pen and upside dwn n a twel and prceeded t pace. I let it sit there all afternn and I didn't tell Ellitt. That's right, I was nt abut t tell Ellitt what had happened. I wuld surely be grunded r spanked [nt in a gd way, either]. After letting it sit fr a lng while, I set it back up and turned it n. Everything really seemed t be running smthly. s I went n with my day thinking I had really ddged a huge bullet.

Fast frward abut 2 r 3 hurs. I start t sit dwn and d sme stuff with the cmputer and Ellitt says, "Hey dn't mess with that right nw. It's acting funny and I need t d a diagnstic n it." Crap! Nw what d I d? still, I say nthing. Right abut nw yur prbably thinking what a dishnest wife I am, but believe me, I had my reasns fr nt saying anything. First f all, I didn't want t agree that my cmputer was fried. By telling Ellitt that the kids fried it, I wuld be speaking death ver it. secndly, I did nt want my husband t get mad and start prclaiming negative things ver it. Things like, "h great! Mre mney dwn the drain." r "well, that's it. Might as well tss $xxxx.xx in the trash can." I just started praying again, really hard.

This afternn, I was trying t use the cmputer and it started reallly wigging ut n me. I had had enugh f the dishnesty. I tld Ellitt. He did freak ut a little, but I decided t stp him befre he said anything negative. I tld him that it didn't have t be fried if we didn't want it t be fried and he lked at me like I was a little fried. Then he went t the bedrm and shut the dr. He better nw, but I think he is just aviding the whle subject.

Here's where yu cme int the stry. Please pray fr my cmputer. I believe that I dn't have t live by the law that says if yu get water in a cmputer it will die. I believe that my cmputer can be brught back frm the brink f death. I wuld like t see this miracle manifested in a few ways. First, I there are several keys that are nt all! ne f thse keys is the letter that is in between the i key and the p key. There are thers that dn't wrk, like the number key that's between 8 and 0 and the shift n the right side. There are sme ther things, t, but frankly, typing it ut wuld anny me way t much. I wuld like t see all f these things back t nrmal. N0, make that better than nrmal. I wuld like my Mac t run like it was created by steve jbs t run! In the name f Jesus!


Ashlee said...

I agree. Be healed Pam's Mac!

High in Demand said...

WEll, just last week I believed that my laptop could be completly healed. It wasn't even turning on. I knew God would make it work and he did! THe same thing will happen to yours in the name of Jesus! It must work!

I don't know why but mine took three days to be healed. I want yours to be quicker!

Cherryberry said...

Where two or more are gathered... I agree with Ashlee and Brandi
I pray for Pam's machine to be better than new.

ericaprosser said...

0h my g00dness! G0d- please heal that Mac! And help Elli0tt t0 be able t0 speak life back int0 it! I'm t0tally seri0us!
L0ve- Erica

Talitha koum said...

Bummer, I was kinda waiting for the punch line. I speak healing over the MAC-

JesusFreak said...

I didn't get it until like the third paragraph.I thought you were trying to post a blog with no "o's". that would be kind of fun to do.

Brenda M Becker said...

I agree too! healing and prosperity.