Thursday, September 20, 2007

This morning, Elliott went to a funeral for an aquaintence. He was actually the deputy sheriff for Callahan County and his son sometimes played baseball with John. I only saw him a few times, but he was very nice and it's always sad when someone dies so young and has small children. Anyway, the funeral was at 10 and Elliott came in the house about 15 minutes after he had left. I asked him why he was back so soon and here's the conversation that followed:

Elliott: Well, the funeral was at the Church of Christ and you know how small it is. There were people standing outside just talking because there wasn't any room for anyone else in the church. I wasn't going to stand around outside talking to people I don't know about someone I didn't know very well for the whole funeral. [And, it's important to mention here that Elliott couldn't take off his suit jacket because I only had time to iron the front part of his shirt that showed.]
Pam: It was nice of you to try. I guess people just don't think about that kind of detail when someone dies. They just wanted to have it at his home church.
Elliott: Where are you going to have my funeral?
Pam: Probably the Civic Center.
Elliott: That's what I wanted to hear.

That was funny and all, but seriously, though, keep these guys in your prayers. They're people in our community that we see around town now and then and they have families and jobs and hopes and dreams and most importantly, destinies. This kind of thing just makes me want to get out and get to know those people we see "every now and then" even more. This is the kind of thing that is a defining moment in someone's life. This can make or break a person. Not to mention a child. They need Jesus now more than ever. Anyway, you all know this stuff. I'm just preachin' to the choir.

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Amanda said...

I actually knew Willie. He was my favorite Sheriff Deputy I have to deal with. I'm way going to miss him! I've been praying for his wife and kids!

That is funny about Elliot's shirt though. And the civic center part! Gotta love humor at times like this.