Friday, November 11, 2011

Resist the devil...

Sometimes, life with my husband is like a treasure hunt. He's a poet and a songwriter, so I often find little slips of paper here and there with partial song lyrics or thoughts scribbled on them. Sometimes I read them. Sometimes I don't. Either way, I usually put them in the box on his nightstand so he'll have them for later. 

This morning, as I was toasting bagels for the girls, I saw a note, in his familiar hand, tucked under an empty canister waiting to be filled with more sugar or coffee. I can't remember which. This note looked like an actual note to me so I  read it. Here's what it said...

"Resist the devil and he will flee."

But not the whole truth.
Resist the devil and he will very slowly pick up his things, one at a time, all the while offering you another chance until finally, with one last nik-nak in hand, he will mount the lead camel of his caravan, and saunter out of your life. But even then you may find, later that night when you're all alone, placed cunningly on your night stand, a coupon with no expiration date - redeemable at any point the rest of your life.

Last night I was at a meeting with friends and Elliott was home with the kids, so I'm not sure what happened to inspire this little gem, not sure I want to, but  I'm glad I found it.

Have a great weekend. As for me, I'll be working on my 52 Bites list.

Starting with #16.

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HeadHeartHunger said...

My sweet Pam, I started reading your blog from this post down and the only thing that stopped me was my list of today's to do's and just enough time to write you this note. I have to say that I really love your posts. Of course Elliot's prose was great, but so is your writing. Your subjects are so interesting because they are really you. Your share your sense of humor, your bent on life and even your heart in a way that one doesn't want to stop reading. Keep it up. Sharing yourself in this way has potential to help your desires to be fulfilled. love you