Saturday, January 06, 2007

2006: The year in pictures

I am not the world's most avid photographer, but I did take some pictures last year. So, to chronicle the year that the Park family had, here they are...

The kids got a new cousin, Alayna,
on January 17.
Took a spontaneous trip to Ft. Worth to take the 

kids to the zoo. I am greatly pregnant 
and uncomfortable!

Our Anna Banana turned 4 on March 28th.
Added another Park on April 1st.
 Her name is joke!

My peeps took me to my favorite restaurant 
for my birthday, Fuji steakhouse.

Lucky John shoots unlucky rabbit 
in our front yard in June.

Elliott finishes his second house 
on our land....this one's for the kids!

Anna started school with John in August. In case 
you're counting, that's two down and two to go!

The West Texas Fair and Rodeo. A September 
tradition that's eating away at our savings!

John turned 8 on September 13th and had his first 
real slumber party with five other wild boys!

Elliott and I got to take a second 
honeymoon in October to celebrate our 
11th anniversary on May 13th.

Sweet Autie turned 3 on October 12th!

The kids got another new cousin on 
October 16.  Caroline Emma Park.

 Hallelujah Night in Clyde was 
fantastic. The girls were a princess 
and a mermaid...
and John was a pirate (seen here with Capt. Jack).

In November, Elliott received his ASCAP 
award for #1 song in the nation! Here he is telling 
everyone about the destiny God has put on 
"I Loved Her First."
The year ended with John becoming more of a hunter,
Autie becoming a cheerleader,
Anna becoming a bride,
and April meeting someone very special
for the first time!


ericaprosser said...

The photo of you & Elliot at the beach is a frame-r! And I'm in the Fuji pix- wow!
Great post- the year in pix was a great idea!

High in Demand said...

I love this post Pam! The pictures are great! I love the Mexico picture of you and Elliott. You look great in that one!

Brenda M Becker said...

Are you sure your not a photographer. Can we get together Friday night? I'll call you today