Friday, January 19, 2007

Guest blogger

My name is Elliott. Today I am a blogger. This is a guest blog. I don't think I could ever be a good daily blogger because I am not a conversationalist. My thoughts dive too deep too often. I flip things around and analyze the underbelly of everything... which simply ruins romantic walks on the beach.

An essayist and a poet are closely related. One gives you a delightful meal, the other a cube of chocolate. Or an Altoid. Or a Lemonhead. You shouldn't eat too much. Can you imagine eating a bowlful of lemonheads? They'd find you in a puckered coma.

Anyway, I think I'll post a poem every so often here in Blogville. Pam said that would be okay. This one is for all you women. These are song lyrics. That's why there's a chorus...

These Women Of Ours

They can dance and fill our heads with twinkling stars
They can love and knock the edges off days long and hard
They can smile and give us a reason
To open these old stubborn hearts
Thank God for these women of ours

They can climb any ladder of so-called success
Take control, steal the show in a red satin dress
They can stand firm and stubborn against hell's better demons
Then fold at a handful of flowers
Thank God for these women of ours

We can climb up mount Everest, leave footprints in Moondust
But still, we'll never go higher
Than the love – just one woman's sweet soft love

Just one glance can change all our wild crazy plans
Just one kiss can tame any rambling man
Just one tear can melt us, render us helpless
One touch can set us on fire
We're all fools for these women of ours

Repeat Chorus

So I move that we bring back a few old-fashioned things
Tipping hats, opening doors, and giving up seats
And I hope you don't think I'm saying they're weak
It's a matter of honor not power
I just thank God for these women of ours

© 2007 Elliott Park


ericaprosser said...

Bravo! (Sniff-sniff.)

mccobbey said...

"The Alchemist" by Paolo Coelho talks about how there are "omens" in our lives that they can be ignored and listened to. Often we don't listen. Coelho said that God shows us stuff all the time, always giving us signs to lead us, to guide us, to love us.

And that is what your poem-song was to me....a resounding answer from God that He loves me just how He made me.

Thanks for sharing.

Francesca said...

Beautiful, I'll look forward to the next!

Monica said...

LOVED IT!! It reminded me of the time all the men danced around the women prophetically at Youth Camp. We tried to recreate it at your house during life group one time, not quite the same impact, but I know the women in the center of that circle will never forget the feeling of covering and protection from all the men corporately. I get chills thinking about it!

High in Demand said...

Okay, while I read that I really did feel all fuzzy and warm inside. I had a cheesy romantic grin on while I read each line. That's embarrassing to admit, but it's true! I loved it Elliott!

Pam, you lucky girl!

Tangerine Tinselbreeze said...

Yeah, my husband feels that way too. That is why today- against his culinary code of ethics he broke down and suprised me with.....drum roll.......cinnamon vanilla coffee creamer. He walked all the way to the other side of his normal gourment tour to get it just for me. That is poetry to me too!
But seriously, thanks Elliot, I am a sucker for songs and poems- or a handful of flowers.

HimOverSin said...

Very nice song! Hope you guys are doing well. Oh, who am I? The REAL HimOverSin? Craig P. from Grace Community Church fame. Take care. ;) Miss you guys...