Monday, January 29, 2007

Another first!

The other day, the subject of glamour shots and prom pictures came up and after the hysterical laughter died down, the idea was brought up that we should all post some of those said pictures. Well, I am a confident woman. I know who I am today and I am not afraid of what my past "looks" like. So, here they are. One of each. Don't hurt yourself when you fall on the floor laughing!

Some things to note:

My hair is "crimped."
I'm wearing a "chambray" shirt.
That day was a very good bangs day.
Apparently, the Glory of God is behind me, thus the glow.
My lip gloss is something frosty by Bonne Bell.

The guy's name is Craig and I didn't see him again after that night. He was a friend of a friend.
The dress is "Jessica McLintock" from Dillard's.
If only I had a chi back then.
Another good bangs day.


High in Demand said...

You really did it!
Okay, well, I've got to get some photos of myself off the wall at my Mom's house. Of course I'm going to have to convice her somehow that I'm not taking them to shred them.

You know, it really goes to show that the Holy Spirit is with you every where you go...even to Glamour Shots!

ericaprosser said...


mccobbey said...

That totally rocks. It's awesome to have such confidence to publicly display 80's pictures of oneself....You had totally awesome 80's hair- I would've been jealous. And I agree, what I would've given to own a chi in those days....actually...I would really love one now! :)

I think I'll try to post some of my 80's gems. Fun.

I'm thinking about my "100 things I love" also (you're too inspiring!) but it might end up being a way shorter list. Less impressive but interesting nonetheless....

A-lauf said...

In 10 years will you feel the same way about pictures you take today?

Pamelotta said...

The present always seems acceptable. However, it seems like the further we go through time, the more timeless things become. With every passing decade it seems that fads and styles tone down a bit. I don't know what I'll think. Probably, gosh I can't believe I used to be that fat!!!

JesusFreak said...

Pam, I seriously just made your basking-in-the-glow-of-the-holy-spirit picture the background to my computer desktop. Totally Rad!

Brenda M Becker said...

I love it. I did laugh, but you were really cute too, with that adorable Pammy smile.

Tangerine Tinselbreeze said...

I love it, I am inspired and wishing I had a Holy Spirit picture. I can't wait to say, I can't believe I was that fat. Something to look forward to. Not in ten years but three months! You are awesome!