Friday, January 26, 2007

I'm First!

There's seems to be this thing going around about being the first to do something. Well, normally I just leisurely follow the crowd in no hurry to make a statement, but I'm stepping out with my own version of this list trend that is going on.

100 Things I love.....

1. Jesus
2. My hot husband
3. My sweet and funny children
4. My church
5. The heart-shaped rock by the door to my house
6. Central heat and air
7. Modern appliances
8. Everything Apple makes
9. Coffee club
10. The El Dorado Royale
11. My Polynesion heritage
12. Cook's Illustrated
13. Road trips
14. Caves
15. Key Lime pie
16. Online bill pay
17. Vacuuming with a Dyson
18. Logic puzzles and Sudoku
19. Most of the shirts in the Anthropologie catalog
20. Survivorman
21. Bitter chocolate pieces mixed with walnuts
22. Unsweet tea
23. Silent snowy days
24. Watching a thunderstorm roll in
25. Really severe weather
26. Chinese food buffets
27. All my fabulous girlfriends
28. Sleeping with a blanket and no sheet
29. Antique stores
30. Girl's Night Out
31. M. Night Shyamalan movies (yes, all of them)
32. Clipping my kids nails
33. Someone else washing my hair
34. Someone else brushing my hair
35. The Paramount theater
36. Roasted garlic hummus
37. Turkey (the country, not the bird)
38. Coconut Lime Verbeena stuff from Bath & Body Works
39. Fuji Steakhouse
40. Little House on the Prairie
41. Really good bras
42. Venus razors
43. Any kind of frozen coffee drink
44. 40's music
45. Eva Cassidy's version of Fields of Gold and Autumn Leaves
46. Really scary roller coasters
47. Grapefruit Fresca
48. The smell of purple Fabuloso
49. Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser
50. Ironing with starch
51. Remote controls
52. Attic fans
53. Pomegranate seeds
54. Tubing in the Gaudalupe
55. Fishing (love, love, love fishing)
56. Lamplight
57. Warm, fuzzy socks (but not worn to bed)
58. Uni-ball Deluxe Micro pens
59. La Madeleine's Tomato Basil soup and Ceasar salad
60. Looking at the stars, meteors, satellites
61. Gathering eggs
62. Refinishing furniture
63. Peeling tomatoes after they've been blanched
64. Google images
65. Old fonts
66. Ebay
67. Antique Clocks
68. Gathering anything from the garden
69. Hard-boiled eggs
70. Mowing the grass
71. Putting things together (toys, furniture, etc.)
72. Staying up late and working
73. The back of a baby's neck
74. Thrift and junk store shopping
75. Exploring
76. Camping on the Llano River
77. Hotel rooms
78. Taking pictures
79. Cooking
80. Making things for people
81. Chewing ice
82. Sleeping with the windows open
83. Shade trees
84. Pepsodent (blue)
85. Christmas
86. Gameshows (especially family feud)
87. Toffee
88. Being a housewife
89. Pulling out splinters (Ahhhhhh)
90. Mango sours
91. Boggle
92. People from foreign countries (The more exotic, the better)
93. The smell of gasoline, goof-off, sharpies, etc.
94. Bike riding
95. Getting the mail
96. Tempurpedic mattresses and pillows
97. Epic, movie-like dreams
98. Innocence Mission
99. Seeing God do miracles in people I know personally
100. Lists


Francesca said...

So . . . coffee club, best friends, okay friends, didn't even get a blurb. What ever, I was Erica's list. Just Kidding!

Pamelotta said...

What?'re there. See, #9 and #27. I wouldn't leave you out. Are you kidding me? I love you guys.

stampinsars said...

Great list! You don't know me, but I'm blog hopping today and found your fun list of loves!

Sarah in Canada!

mccobbey said...

Some things that we have in common:

All my fabulous girlfriends
Girl's Night Out
Coconut Lime Verbena stuff from B&BW
Any kind of frozen coffee drink
40's music
La Madeleine’s Tomato Basil soup
Chewing ice
Shade trees
People from foreign countries (The more exotic, the better)

I have to make a list for my blog!

High in Demand said...

okay, I can say Amen on at least half of your list. I guess that's one of many reasons that we're alike. :)
I loved the list!