Tuesday, October 11, 2011

31 Days: Day 11 - It really is the little things

Funny thing about little things. They do make a difference, yes, but they also can become part of the surroundings and aren't noticed by people who see them every day. Such is the case with my living room curtain rod brackets. Once upon a time, when I first moved in to my beautiful new dream house, I wanted curtains on the windows. I guess it's something left over from my days of living in the city. But, now we don't have any neighbors so there's really no point in curtains except for aesthetics.

So, one day, I took my curtains down, wadded them up and stuffed them in a bag bound for Goodwill. And then I walked away. I just forgot one little, teensy, weensy thing. The brackets that my curtains hung from. They were small and black and had lots of screws and I figured I'd get to them later. The only thing was that later didn't come until several years later. 

 Even with the poor lighting in this picture, you can still see those hideous brackets

To tell you the truth, I didn't have any intentions of taking those brackets down until I got into a conversation about my curtain situation with one of my friends and she said, "I think your windows look great without curtains. You just need to get rid of those brackets." Hmmm, I had started to look at them like they were part of the window trim and they didn't even look out of place to me anymore.

So this morning, I got a screwdriver and took those suckers down. Now I can see how much work really needs to be done with wood putty and paint, but I think it's a major improvement.

Now go through your house and look at things like it's not your house. Or, better yet, invite a friend over and find out what they see. Then, do something about it!

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