Monday, October 17, 2011

31 Days: Day 17 - The mantel

I'm kind of at a stand still with the laundry room. It's better, but no where near finished. I still have lots to sift through and weed out, but there is a wide pathway to the washer and I can see more floor than I've seen in years. 

So, until I get back to that, the mantel. I think I finished it. I'm not sure, though. For now, it's finished. By the time I think of what to add to it, it'll be time to change it for Christmas.

This is about as spooky as I get when it comes to Halloween decorations

Pretty 'weeds' I found in our field. They remind me of Queen Anne's Lace.

I'm in love with these fairytale pumpkins. This one looks like it came straight out of Cinderella. It's probably too big to have on my mantel and would probably look better below near the fireplace, but I was afraid no one would notice it down there. I think it's gorgeous.

The sun kind of messed up the lighting in this picture. Well, actually, it probably has more to do with the fact that I'm using my iphone again. Shame on me. The 'autumn' banner is actually something I added this past weekend. My daughter, Autumn, had her birthday party and I knew if I made a banner with her name on it, I'd be able to keep it up all season. ;) And you can read more about the quilt bunting here.

There it is, my mantel. This is the second season in a row I've changed it. I've never done that before. I know I'll change it for Christmas and I'll have to take Christmas down and do something different so this might just be a new habit for me. Who knew?!?

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