Tuesday, October 25, 2011

31 Days: Day 25 - The island cabinet

When we built our house, we put an island in the middle of the kitchen. I love having that big work space right in the middle of all the cooking action. It really comes in handy. 

Under that work space is a set of deep drawers and a rather large cabinet. I have found plenty of uses for the drawers since I have a little bit of a gadget obsession. The cabinet, however, has stumped me since day one. I started off by putting my trash can in there. Then, the trash can got moved to the outside, up against the side and there it has stayed. And then the space quickly filled up with cleaning supplies and other stuff from last minute cleaning stashes.

Isn't it cavernous? Actually, right now, it looks like a cavernous landfill.

This morning, while getting ready for coffee, I took all that crap out, went through it, and put things where they belong. 

And then it looked like this.

And now, it looks like this. 

 Don't you dare try to move my trash can out of this spot! 

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