Saturday, October 15, 2011

31 Days: Day 15 - The laundry room

After I finished the first junk drawer, I needed a change of scenery. The laundry room has been whispering my name for a long time now. Actually, every time I go in there to do a load of laundry and I have to step over things to get to the washer and dryer. I put a curtain on this window a couple of years ago while getting ready for a baby shower. It lets light in, but the mess behind the door is obscured just enough to keep people from doing a double-take.

This is why I'm always intercepting people with bags of ice or questions of "Where can I store this until after the party?" It's a mess people. I realize it. It's just one of those things that seems so daunting, it's just easier to walk by or pile one more thing on top and say I'll get to it, I promise. The problem for me, lately, has been that I just don't have the time. I started some of these projects during the week and decided that homeschool was just going to have to be put on hold for a few days. Now that I've gotten into the belly of the beast, I feel like I can finish it by working in the time I've got here and there.

Something I didn't even realize until I got some space cleared was that one of the outside doors doesn't even close completely unless it's dead-bolted. I don't know what the problem is, but what's the point of having a door if it's always got stuff piled in front of it as if it's a wall and it doesn't even work properly? This is worse than I thought.

An old game I bought for a friend as a joke for Christmas last year. Ha, ha, looks like the joke's on me.

This is a great cabinet, albeit a little too big, that I was excited about when we built the house. Somewhere along the way, when I still hadn't figured out how to utilize it, my husband claimed it as a place to heave everything school board related after he got home from a board meeting. And, of course, sometimes I would use it to hide stuff from the kids. The pile was twice that height. I had already started filling a garbage can when I realized I should take a picture.

I actually made some headway in the afternoon I worked on it. I'm no where near finished which is why I hate even posting. But it's all about the process, right?
Someday soon, I hope to have an awesome before and after post with everything staged perfectly. At least with everything put away. I will say that I had my husband haul off 4 bags of trash and I took a couple of loads to the storage building that didn't belong in the house. Yeah me!

I'm having a party for my 8 year old today and as you can imagine, I have lots left to do and bake and clean, etc.

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