Wednesday, October 26, 2011

31 Days: Day 26 - Another crafty project

I'm going a little crazy around here. My time is short, so I've been looking around my house for quick, easy projects I can do in a couple of hours, while photographing the process and then blogging about it. Ugh. I'm tired of it. I have made a switch in my head, though. I feel like after this series is over, I'll want to tackle some of the bigger spaces without feeling the pressure of having to get it done and posted the next day. An organizing house is on it's way!

Today, I thought I'd post about a project I did a few weeks ago that isn't quite done yet, but is on it's way.

I saw this on Pinterest a while back and fell in love. It's from the crafting chicks website, which I also love.

Mine came together pretty much like theirs did except for one little detail. The day I decided to work on it, I went to the hardware store in my small town to get some E6000. They didn't have any and I didn't want to go to trek all the way to Abilene so I settled for some other adhesive that I thought would surely work. Not so. I'll have to see for myself if E6000 lives up to the hype, but so far, the other stuff doesn't cut it. 

I didn't take pictures of the cake tins, but you'll see them in the final pic. They were around 50 cents a piece from Goodwill. The brass candle sticks were around a dollar a piece and I already had the spray paint.

Here's how they turned out after my first go.

And here's how I modified it after the glue I used didn't hold up.

I only ended up using 2 of the 3 tins I had and 1 of the 3 candle sticks so I think I'll work with them and find something that I can live with and that's durable enough to hold up in my house.

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