Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31 Days: Day 18 - The front walk

I know this is probably only a big deal for me, but this past weekend, my husband, aka Superman, started and completed a walkway up to our front door. Four years ago, we hired someone to do it, which didn't work out, and then the bricks sat in a pile, along with some sacks of concrete, since then. Four years! Do you know how silly I have felt with a beautiful front door that was salvaged and refinished and just waiting to be used, only to have a pile of bricks welcome anyone who would venture up to it? I'm so proud. Elliott and I have already started to plan what kinds of things we want to plant around the front of the house and if we want some beds along the walk for seasonal flowers. It's gonna be fun!

My dog's already breaking it in. I can see that's gonna be a problem.

I don't have before pictures, but trust me, this was definitely a home improvement!

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