Thursday, October 06, 2011

31 Days: Day 6 - Organization

This is an area I might be camping out in for awhile. I'm desperately trying to be more organized, always have been. I have every book written on organization and I feel like I've purchased every plastic bin, bucket and tote I've seen from Target to the dollar store. I even used to sell Tupperware. But lately, I've gotten a new perspective on the specific area of storage. I am finding myself wanting my storage options to be beautiful and meaningful. Not necessarily the bulging clothing bins I have stuffed into my attic, but the places that are out in the open for things like shoes, pens or even the wood and newspaper we use to start fires in the fireplace. Why can't those containers be beautiful? I think they can and should be. I want them to disappear into the decor of my home and not even come across as a container. 

There are lots of ideas on the internet for clever storage options. 

Armed with the ideas I've been coming across, I'm starting to look at containers and packages in a different way. First, if I am drawn to the beauty of an item, then if that item can be repurposed. It's kind of fun. I feel like a sleuth when I'm perusing the shelves at my local Goodwill or even the grocery store. Here are some containers I've started using in my school room to complement the pretty shelves my husband made for me. (that obviously haven't been painted yet)

Vintage tin I found at my mother-in-law's house

Coffee and tea tin I saved

One of a few train cases I have.

This one was best suited for the location. 
It still has its plastic tray...

and lots of room underneath for more supplies.

 The one on the left was a 29 cent Goodwill purchase and the others I got at the grocery store. If you need me, I'll be eating steel cut oats and drinking tea.

Now go forth, and look for things that you're drawn to that could make great containers. And improve your home while you're doing it!

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