Sunday, October 02, 2011

31 Days: Day 2 - A crafty project to improve your mantel

This weekend, I've been crafting. It feels so good to be creative and spread a bunch of stuff out on my living room floor and just make something. I was working on a rocking chair redo (which I'll post on another day) that required me to use an old quilt. The scraps that were laying around after I was finished were just begging to be used so I crafted them into a bunting for a fall mantel. I didn't take pictures of the whole process because I was "in the zone", but I did get a shot of the finished product. It was a pretty easy thing to do so I'll just give you the steps.

Here's what I did. I had some pretty big pieces of quilt leftover from the other project so I started to cut out triangles for a bunting, but after I cut out one, I wondered how I was going to attach it to anything. I'm not into sewing (yet) so that option was out. Then I noticed that I had a big edge piece and if I cut out my triangles from the edges of the quilt, there would already be a folded seam for me to string something through. Problem solved! After cutting out all the triangles, I got out a big piece of burlap. I love burlap! And to me, it looks especially at home during the fall. I cut out some bigger triangles to go behind the quilt ones and hot glued them to the backs. Then I got ready to thread them onto something. I couldn't find my twine, so I got out my roll of hemp. The hemp string looked pretty wimpy as a single strand holding up the bunting so I took six strands and braided them and then it looked substantial enough to hold all that up. I knotted the ends and threaded it through my triangles and voila!, a bunting fit for a fall mantel. Can't wait to finish the whole thing and show you guys!

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Amy Sullivan said...

Super fun idea. I'm always looking for ideas for fun and easy improvements I can make around my place.