Tuesday, October 04, 2011

31 Days: Day 4 - Improving your life with relationships

I know I said that my topic would be improving your home, but I also mentioned improving the people inside the home. When the people are happy and healthy, so is the home!

Today, I'm posting about something near and dear to my heart - Tuesday morning coffee.

About a hundred years ago (maybe it was 7 or 8, I'm not really good with time) I started having coffee once a week with 3 of my friends. Actually, the other 3 girls had already started having coffee and I felt left out so I promptly invited myself and have been going ever since. Sometimes I drink a plain old coffee with hazelnut creamer and sometimes I don't drink anything at all. And then there was the time I drank a sugar-free, non-fat latte made with espresso and topped with whipped cream and experienced the most productive day of my life!

Of course you know that to 'have coffee' covers a lot more than it implies. Aside from the actual drinking of the hot beverage of your choice, there's the visiting. Always visiting. And we girls never run out of things to say. We've shared births and deaths, marriages and divorces. We've met at different houses and had different people show up, but always there's been support and love.   And I'd like to say there's never been any gossip, but we've all had our share of drama over the years and sometimes that stuff just comes out.

Did I forget to mention that coffee has been at my house for the past couple of years? I feel kind of like it's my baby. I'm pretty protective of it. It's turned into a sacred time slot in my week. Even when I started homeschooling last year, Tuesday coffee remained. And this year, I've tried to be a little more intentional with it. Not in the way you might think, I just don't want to miss any good opportunities. You know, you've got women, sitting around, relaxed with a cup of coffee. Sometimes people feel comfortable enough to talk about things they wouldn't normally talk about. There's no pressure, though. It seems to be happening naturally. And I have to say that it's improved my life greatly. I've always had friends around, but when there's a regular time and place dedicated solely to nurturing and maintaining relationships, it improves the quality of a lot of things. It gives you a place to vent a little, if needed, to share exciting news with people who will be excited with you, to get a different perspective from someone outside your shoes and maybe even hear some hard truth because someone loves you enough to be honest. I've seen some tears and heard lots of laughter. Yep, I've seen all of that happen on a Tuesday morning over a cup of coffee.

How are relationships improving your life?

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